About us


MAN VIET  is owned and operated by Linh Khoi Service & Trading Ltd., Co., Located in Ho Chi Minh since 2007.

Our primaryproducts are design fabrics, curtains, furniture upholstery, all of which are made with exquisite choices of designs, highest quality materials, unique patterns, signatures and color palettes to tailor yourrequirements.

We specialize in classic and contemporary fabrics. Our aim is to combine beauty, quality, practical materials that inspire and delight your space.  Today, Man Viet is one of the leading textile and fabric solution providers in the region for residential, commercial and hotel projects. 

We represent numerous reputable leading global brands such as: Jab, Cetec, Crypton, Zimmer Rohde ZR, Drapilux, JF fabric...





  • Service: We strive for service excellence and transparent communication with highest integrity across all channels. Our beliefs in long term partnership and proactive solution solving are essential in creating mutually sustainable success.
  • One-Stop-Solution: We commit to working around the clock to provide a one-stop-source for a comprehensive range of choices in fabrics / designs / logistics to both domestic and international markets.
  • Client Focus: As a trusted source, our mission is to satisfy your every specific business needs with dedicated resources.
  • Passion: We are passionate about our work and truly devoted in the pursuit of everyday excellence focusing on the highest quality interior furnishing and innovative products.
  • Commitment: Màn Viet is proud to continue our journey in partnering with the most recognizable brands in the industry.